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- As a member of this website/community, we expect you to follow these rules if not you may accept the consequences. (This may also apply in our discord server.)

Please click the specific rule to expand.

1. NSFW/Gore

- We strictly ensure that our website/community is clean from these kind of humors or mindset.
- - Ban without a warning.

2. Any type of hacking

- From simple serverside API attacks/floods, to an actual cyber attack or deeper than that is strictly prohibited. We ensure the safety for our users and for our website.
- - Ban without a warning.

3. Age

- As discord is only for 13+ users we also follow that guideline, if you are under 13 please be matured enough, even if you're 13+ You must still act grown than being annoying.
- - Get kicked from the server, but can still view the website.

4. Hating/Racism

- No racism or inhumane actions against others, do not say anything offensive. As it'll make people leave seeing how bad 1 person treats another, this is a community where people are supposed to hangout, chill, and laugh.
- - Warning, Kick, Ban, depends on the sitatuation.

5. Toxicity

- Try to limit the toxicity, as much as possible. As it'll determine your membership here. We don't want extremely hostile toxic people in here, as that'll make a chunk load of people leave or feel uncomfortable.
- - Warning, Kick, Ban, depends on the sitatuation.

These are the guidelines for now, It can be changed in the future, we'll remind you for that!